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Guest Speaker – Rev. Cindy Shellum

  • April 21, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Florida Federation of Garden Clubs

Rev. Cindy Shellum
Easter Sunday
April 21

Easter and it’s spring equivalents have been important dates on the calendar of many belief systems. This time of planting and birthing gets us focused on the cycle that we call birth and death. Our beliefs about immortality are actually an important part of our beliefs about life - our own lives, the lives of others, the life of other living things and even our beliefs about our communities, organizations, businesses, governments and planet. Join Rev. Cindy Easter Sunday for a discussion of the cycles of life and the ways that we can transcend from “death” to greater life.

BIO – Rev. Cindy Shellum

In 1984, Cindy attended her first Center for Spiritual Living (then known as Church of Religious Science) and has been studying and applying the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy she was introduced to there ever since. In 2007, Cindy entered Holmes Institute, the ministerial program for Centers for Spiritual Living and graduated in 2010 with her Master of Consciousness Studies degree. She then applied for and attained recognition as a Licensed Minister of Religious Science. Rev. Cindy shares one of her deepest insights: “I am wholly convinced that we are God in form and that the idea of our own Divinity is one of the hardest concepts to grasp. I find Science of Mind perfectly describes a path to understanding our Divinity and I believe others would recognize this path and understand this description. While I acknowledge many different paths and honor them, I am here for the ones who resonate with the Science of Mind. I am here to call them, to teach them and to believe in them."

Rev. Cindy is Co-Minister at Orlando Center for Spiritual Living.

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