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  • Special Guest Speaker – Tony Diaz

Special Guest Speaker – Tony Diaz

  • November 25, 2018
  • 10:00 AM
  • Florida Federdation of Garden Clubs, 1400 S Denning Dr., Winter Park FL 32789

Don't miss this special Sunday with our own Tony Diaz

What you believe and conceive, you can achieve.

Do You Have A Seat at the Table?

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, what does your dinner look like? Join us Sunday Nov. 25 as we explore how to invite the feast that is before us and the abundance that is our birthright.

Tony Diaz, Esq, RScP is a Family Law, Collaborative Divorce and Estate and Trust Litigation attorney and family law mediator specializing in resolving disputes easily, effortlessly and amicably.  Tony became a licensed practitioner with the understanding that this is the highest calling – to serve and support others in knowing the truth of who they are. As a practitioner, this also allows him to continue going within and see the reflection of his inner mirror to raise his awareness and consciousness on a daily basis. In his law practice, he is known as The Peacemaker. As a coach, attorney and mediator, Tony utilizes his professional and personal experiences to guide others from pain to peace. He also helps others to resolve conflict with compassion and have relationships with passion and purpose. Anthony is also an international speaker whose passion, mission and purpose is to help those in pain to move on with peace.

Tony is the co-author of “Faces Behind the Pages” and “Creating Relationships and Family with Courage and Compassion”. He has also authored “Divorce With Dignity – 3 Powerful Steps to Heal and Move Past Your Divorce N.O.W.”; “!n-joy Your Relationships! – 7 Pillars to Deepening Your Connections With Passion and Purpose” and “Moving Consciously Through Conflict – 5 Meaningful steps to Mediating Conflict With Compassion. He has also written many articles for the Science of Mind Magazine including the Dec 2018 issue “The Power of Forgiveness – The Gift that Keeps on Giving”

Additional information may be obtained on his websites: www.anthonyjdiaz.com and www.peacefuldivorcenow.com

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