Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living – Center Spotlight

Our Community includes a variety of individuals with a broad range of occupations, talents and interests. The Center Spotlight gives us the opportunity to learn about each other, and share our interests. Each Sunday a table in the Fellowship Hall will spotlight an individual who can display information and interact with our community.


1) A table will be set up in the Fellowship Hall, typically before 9:15 AM, for you to
    display brochures, visuals, business cards or anything else that helps show what
    you want to share.

2) Please arrive to set up by 9:15 AM, so you are ready before our 9:30 AM

3) Plan to be at the table to interact and answer questions following Meditation
    until the start of service at 10:00 AM, and following service for 10–15 minutes or so.

4) There will be an announcement for your Sunday Center Spotlight in the Weekly
    Update Newsletter, an announcement at the end of service, plus info in the
    program announcements, space allowing.

5) If you need to cancel or postpone your Spotlight, please contact Laura via email
    no later than the Wednesday prior.

5) This is an opportunity to share information and ideas only.

6) Prohibited: Sales of any kind, whether for products, services or anything else.
    There is to be no exchange of money in any form.

Please complete the form below and submit.
Your information will be reviewed by the Leadership Care Group prior to scheduling.

Questions? Contact Laura

Download Guidelines PDF

PLEASE NOTE: Complete the form using a Computer – The form doesn't work as well from smart phones. Thank you.

The Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living is a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization located in the State of Florida. The ministry of this spiritual community is sustained primarily by the contributions of members and friends.

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