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  • August 27, 2016 6:54 PM
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    Use the Recording Laptop (Dell Windows XP) to create the .mp3 that will be uploaded as this weeks web page audio. Prior to the beginning of Sunday's Service, iTunes should be opened as the software to create the .mp3 file. During the service, there are multiple .wav files that are created when using the recording software. All of these recordings have a standard naming convention for ease in identification; however, only the Sunday Message will be used for uploading.

    The first step required in the process is to open iTunes if it is not already opened. Now click on the Recently Added playlist to view the "recently added" files (obviously). The last file at the bottom of the list is the last file added typically the Sunday Message (Words to Celebrate Life). It will be named with today's title and message presenter as per the CD Master Procedures.

    Using the mouse, "Right-Click" on the message file and select Create MP3 file. The pop-up box identifies where the file will be stored. Do not change anything in this pop-up box, just press enter/ok. iTunes will quickly create an MP3 file with the same name as the file selected.

    Close iTunes if you have already created the CD Master.

    Now Press the START MENU button and near the top open the mp3 folder. Find the file that was just created and it should be on the bottom of the list as long as the naming convention was used correctly. "Right-Click" and copy the file and paste it on the Desktop.

    There is a file currently on the desktop named sunday_message.mp3 Click on this file to select the name and copy the name of the message. Once the name has been copied, delete this file (place it in the recycling bin).

    Rename this week's mp3 file as sunday_message.mp3. Be careful when renaming files that it does not loose the .mp3 extension. Next Press the START MENU and open the Network folder to Wild Apricot (not sure of the name as I just put it there last week). If you cannot find it there, explore My Computer and go to Network Places. You will find the folder there. Double Click to open this network connection and it will prompt for username and password - both are already filled out - press enter/ok.

    Drag the newly named sunday_message.mp3 into the folder and as long as it was named correctly, it will prompt you to overwrite the existing file - YES overwrite with this weeks message.

    Congratulations, the new web site audio has been uploaded.

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