Toshiba Laptop Video Playback Instructions

  • July 09, 2016 10:22 PM
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    The laptop does not have a password. Once it has started - all that is needed is on the Desktop or the taskbar.

    Saved Videos can be found within the Downloaded Videos Folder. Any videos that are to be played on a Sunday, should be downloaded using Ummy Video Downloader software. This is the red TV screen icon with a downward facing white arrow located on the task bar.

    Open this software
    Open the link to the Youtube Video that is referenced in the Sunday Production Sheet.
    Click on the url address at the top of page
    Press Ctrl C to copy the web address
    Click on the open Ummy Window and it will auto fill the address and load the video on the screen
    Change the download resolution to 720p from 1080 - if resolution is 720p or lower this step is not required.
    Press Download and the file will automatically be placed into the downloaded videos folder on the desktop

    For Sunday Production, there are two folders within this folder:

    1) Saved Videos

    2) Today Video

    Place whatever is needed to play for the service in the Today Video folder. - move from downloaded videos and Saved Videos

    The player to use is VLC - the orange and white cone icon on the task bar.

    It can run multiple instances so open it up as many times as there are videos for the day. To do this, right click on the icon and click VLC Media Player. As many times as this is done, it will open another window.

    Then open each video to play from one of the windows. It helps to size all the windows on the desktop in order that is needed to play in the service.

    To Prepare for playing opening video, open the first video full screen, press pause, then rewind back to the beginning as it will start playing automatically when it goes full screen.

    When the time comes to play the video, turn up the volume on the mixing board on the last fader, press the space bar on the keyboard, then unmute the projector. NOTE: Always confirm that the computer volume is all the way turned up by pressing the volume up + button (f10). 

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    Thanks Ken!

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