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As a resource for our beLOVEd community, we record and publish all our Sunday Celebration of Life Messages. We believe it’s an important part of our mission and vision to provide this resource to our community.  Enjoy!

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November 2017: Financial Health and Prosperity

What is Source? – Rev. Cath DePalma (11/5/17)

October 2017: All for Love

The Love that Lives Within – Rita Young & Esmine Anthony (10/29/17)

The Perfect Relationship – Rev. John DePalma (10/22/17)

Fear of Intimacy – Rev. John DePalma (10/15/17)

Undefended Love – Rev. John DePalma (10/8/17)

We Belong to Each Other – Rev. Cath DePalma (10/1/17)

September 2017: Community Service

Be the Change – Rev. John DePalma (9/24/17)

The Sacred Heart of Service – Rev. Cath DePalma (9/3/17)

August 2017: Love, Compassion and Caring

Acceptance – Rev. John DePalma (8/13/17)

Compassion – Rev. Cath DePalma (8/6/17)

July 2017: Open Communication

God Includes Everything! – Rev. John DePalma (7/30/17)

You're Different? – Rev. John DePalma (7/23/17)

Ignorance is the Only Sin – Rev. Cath DePalma (7/16/17) (Audio delayed)

Race and Grace – Rev. John DePalma (7/9/17)

Out of Many – One! – Rita Young and Tony Diaz, RScP (7/2/17)

June 2017: Accountability: You Hold the Key

Values vs Actions – Rev. John DePalma (6/25/17)

The Father Within – Jack Bowen, RScP (6/18/17)

Count on Me – Rev. Cath DePalma (6/11/17)

Do the Right Thing – Rev. John DePalma (6/4/17)

May 2017: Creativity

From Planning to Action – Rev. John DePalma (5/28/17)

From Nothing to Insight – Rev. Cath DePalma (5/21/17)

From Fear to Courage – Rev. John DePalma (5/14/17)

Creative Confidence – Rev. John DePalma (5/7/17)

April 2017: Transformation and Evolution

The Joy of Living – Rev. John DePalma (4/30/17)

Dealing with Conditions – Rev. Cath DePalma (4/23/17)

The Science of Christ – Rev. John DePalma (4/16/17)

The Perfect Storm – Tony Diaz, RScP (4/9/17)

Private Lessons – Rev. Cath DePalma (4/2/17)

March 2017: Continuous Improvement

Teaching Old Dogs – Rev. John DePalma (3/26/17)

Open Wide My Heart – Rev. John DePalma (3/19/17)

Webs and Boxes – Rev. John DePalma (3/12/17)

Am I Teachable – Rev. Cath DePalma (3/5/17)

February 2017: Diversity and Inclusivity

Active Listening – Rev. John DePalma (2/26/17)

Thin Slicing – Rev. John DePalma (2/19/17)

Light Comes Through the Cracks – Rev. Cath DePalma (2/12/17)

Embrace Paradox – Rev. John DePalma (2/5/17)

January 2017: Living from Your Valuesfdc

How to Use It – Rev. Cath DePalma (1/29/2017)

What it Does – Rev. John DePalma (1/22/2017)

Intro to The Way It Works – Rev. John DePalma (1/15/2017)

The Way It Works – Rev. John DePalma (1/15/2017)

The Thing Itself – Rev. Cath DePalma (1/8/2017)

Living From Your Values – Rev. John DePalma (1/1/2017)

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